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Considerate Fence Planning for Harmonious Neighborhoods

When preparing to construct a new fence, it is crucial to take into account its potential impact on your neighbors. Maintaining good fence etiquette is essential to ensure that your neighbors are not inconvenienced by your project. In this article, we will provide some valuable tips on practicing fence etiquette. Familiarize Yourself with Local Regulations […]

Your One Stop Shop for Fences in Fargo!

Which fencing contractor in Fargo can be relied upon for your project? The ideal choice should possess the essential elements necessary for a quality fence, including training, experience, tools, and inventory. With over 50 years of operation in the Midwest, American Security and Gate Company has established itself as a reputable entity, mastering techniques and […]

American Fence Rental of Fargo, ND: Benefits and Advantages

With a rich history in the industry stretching back 55 years, American Security and Gate Company of Fargo has identified the varying requirements for perimeter security. As a result, we have established a specialized division called American Fence Rental of Fargo, providing all temporary fence-related solutions for the Midwest area. Not every situation requires perimeter […]

Automatic Gates: Top 4 Benefits

Automatic gates help safeguard your property while boosting value and ease of entry. With the passage of time, more property owners in Fargo desire additional security measures. Sometimes this means more than cameras and extra strong locks. For instance, if you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a protective fence around your home or commercial […]

Where to Buy Fence Materials in Fargo?

Fargo’s top fence contractor is also the top store for fence supplies! The successful construction of a fence—be it wood, vinyl, chain link, etc.—requires building knowledge, sufficient manpower, the right tools, and—most of all—supplies. This applies across the board, to professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers alike. After all, a fence is no better than its individual […]

Why is Chain Link Fencing So Popular?

Neighborhoods and commercial lots in the Fargo area are growing by the dozen. Everywhere one looks, houses rise, trucks pour concrete, and infrastructure begins taking shape. According to World Population Review, 132,122 people currently call Fargo their home, with more still slated to arrive in the coming years. With more residents comes the need for […]

Picking the Top Fence Contractor in Fargo

Fences are an important aspect of any community—including in Fargo, North Dakota. Whether it’s a wooden picket barrier enclosing a home/defining boundaries or a long line of chain link mesh for restricting access to commercial property to employees and clients, fences play a vital role in the modern development landscape. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Automatic Gates in Fargo: American Access Company

Among commercial enterprises—not to mention homeowners—the demand for automatic gates in Fargo has increased substantially. While there’ll always be a need for manually operated gates (namely for fences surrounding pools, gardens, etc.), more and more people favor gates that open/close independently through state-of-the-art mechanisms. These ideal gates likewise require only some form of authorization from […]

Do You Need Architectural Screening in North Dakota?

With the passage of time, more and more communities throughout North Dakota—and indeed the United States—sign into law codes regarding the proper concealment of dumpsters, HVACs, and similar fixtures. Failure to abide by said codes can result in violation fees for which you, as the property owner, will be held accountable. Screening is also handy […]

Fences, Gates, Architectural Screening, and More! Right here in Fargo, ND!

When you Google “fence contractor in Fargo,” a whole bunch of websites turn up—each and every one of them likely professing to represent the city’s top industry practitioner. So how do you determine which is worthy of your time and business? Take American Security and Gate Company, for example. Our parent company’s operated in the […]

What is a Cantilever Gate?

American Security and Gate Company provides Fargo customers with services besides fence installation. As alluded to in our name, we’re also North Dakota’s foremost gate contractor, a reputation deriving in part from our various divisions, which include America’s Gate Company and Patriot Custom Metals. Between our collective designers, fabricators, and installers, we assemble the best […]

3 Things to Know about Ranch Rail Fencing in Fargo

When asked to name images that come to mind when picturing the American Midwest’s rural parts, many people think of ranches and farms. And as you’ve no doubt noticed, miles of ranch rail fencing line roads when you drive past cattle ranches or cornfields. While rails aren’t used so much in urban areas, you still […]

4 Situations That Need Temporary Fencing

Permanently installed fences aren’t necessarily the top choice when security needs exist on a temporary basis. In situations where crowd control measures are needed only for weeks or days—or even just a few hours!—it’s more efficient to use barriers that can be easily disassembled and stored away for future use. Of course, in these situations, […]

Privacy Fencing in Fargo, ND

Here at American Security and Gate Company, we prioritize options for our fence customers. Clients seek fencing for various reasons (privacy, containing pets, security, anted curb appeal, etc.), so our fabrication and installation teams undertake multifaceted training. As a result, they become educated in assembling barriers of various styles. Some customers want white pickets for […]

How to Winter-Proof Your Wood Fence

In many parts of the country, the weather is—to use a comforting word—predictable. In the summer, it’s hot, and in the winter, it’s cold. However, in the Midwest, all of the seasons tend to have a mind of their own. This especially applies to winter, which ranges from ecstatically beautiful in the 50s to what […]

Choosing the Right Fence for Winter

Here in the Midwest, seasons are, in a word, unpredictable. The most erratic is winter, which just so happens to be creeping up on us. The day you’d hoped would be calm and dry could consist of you shoveling 6 inches of snow in 12 mph winds. With so many other things on your mind, […]

Specialized Mechanical Equipment Screens: Faux Bricks, Stones, and Cement

Did you know mechanical equipment screening’s frequently required by law? Depending on where you live in Fargo, ND, you might be subject to local codes mandating screens tall enough to conceal dumpsters, rooftop equipment, generators, and similar installations. Generally speaking, contractors offer traditional louvered screening—the kind fashioned from generic gray slats spaced just far enough […]

Fence Contractor in Fargo

Fence contractors in Fargo are a dime a dozen, begging the question: “Which one is worthy of my business? Who can build a fence that meets my expectations?” Whether you’re a homeowner looking to encompass your lawn with vinyl pickets or a commercial property manager in need of high security, it’s important to seek out […]

8′ Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels in Fargo

Temporary chain link fence panels is the security solution of choice for clients who only need to safeguard project areas for a limited time. Whereas homeowners and commercial property managers require protection 24/7, restricting access to a construction zone is only essential until the project’s finished. The same applies to public events: once the event […]

What are the Cannabis Fencing Laws in My State?

As of the early months of 2022, Mississippi and Rhode Island have joined the list of states legalizing cannabis; and while not every state permits the plants to be grown for commercial purposes (Mississippi, for instance, allows medicinal cannabis only), the participating states—and sometimes the individual counties—write their own rules and stipulations for weed farm […]

The Beauty and Benefits of Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing

In centuries past, the general purpose of installing a fence in North America was more to mark the perimeter of one’s land rather than to protect it. To distinguish perimeters and save money at the same time, farmers and ranchers typically resorted to ranch rail fencing—favoring this particular barrier for its simplistic, economic design. Composed […]

Decorative Laser Cut Metal Panels

When it comes to architectural and mechanical equipment screening in the United States, PalmSHIELD reigns as the premier contractor: staffed by industry experts, managing top-notch fabrication facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and offering a broad spectrum of customizable panels. Architects and engineers frequently need—and in some cases are legally obliged—to install barriers around certain fixtures and […]

DIY Jobs: Premade Fence Panels vs. Stick Built Fences

When it comes to fence construction, Do-It-Yourself homeowners have two options: building from scratch—also known as stick building—or installing premade fence panels. In this day and age, many big box stores sell premade panels that simply need to be set between posts (which the homeowner is responsible for installing). While this seems like a quicker, […]

Louvered Mechanical Equipment Screens

For architects and engineers, mechanical equipment screens are essential fixtures to have during and after a construction project. Also known as louvered equipment screens, these panels—manufactured and sold here at PalmSHIELD—hide equipment from public view without impeding their performance. At the same time, the visual aesthetic of these panels cleanly blend in with surrounding architecture. […]

Should I Consider Premade Fence Panels?

As an innovative Do-It-Yourself homeowner, you have this impetus to build your own fence rather than pay out of pocket for a team of professionals to do all the heavy lifting. You just want to purchase the necessary parts and supplies and get to work on construction. A fun and reasonable challenge—and one proffering two […]

Everything to Know About Ranch Rail Fence Panels in Fargo, North Dakota

In the early years of American history, the dominant function of fencing was not so much to safeguard a piece of property but rather to mark its boundaries. Looking for a simple DIY design that wouldn’t bankrupt them, ranch and farm owners turned to ranch rail. Also known as split rail fencing, these panels could […]

PalmSHIELD Brings Playground Screening to Fargo, North Dakota

Local playgrounds are the go-to venue for kids’ entertainment. During recess, community events, and the odd couple of hours after school, children love to congregate at these inclusive structures—often under the watchful eye of their parents, who’re now given the opportunity to meet and nurture neighborhood relations. Our playground division, American Playground Company, is the […]

Winter Storm Damage & Fence Repair in Fargo, North Dakota

If you’ve lived in Fargo, North Dakota for even a single year, you know that winters in the northern U.S. tend to be cold, icy, and rife with blizzard conditions. This means outdoor equipment and fixtures will be subjected to heavy snow, lashing winds, and bitter amounts of frost. Fence maintenance is not uncommon in […]

Dog Fences 101: What Do I Need?

The benefits of installing a residential fence are many: boosted curb appeal, heightened privacy, barriers to keep out intruders, etc. But another common advantage is preventing pets from wandering off. Although many homeowners nowadays resort to shock collars, there remain a number of benefits unique to building an actual three-dimensional dog fence. In this article, […]

The Top Gate Company in Fargo | American Security and Gate Company

Are you looking for high-quality residential or commercial gates in Fargo, North Dakota? Look no further than American Security and Gate Company. We are a branch of the largest fence and gate company in the Midwest, which installs over a thousand slide gates and four thousand swing gates on an annual basis. Over the last […]

How to Find the Top 10 Fence Companies in Fargo | American Security and Gate Company of Fargo

Are you ready to install a fence around your home or business in Fargo, North Dakota? Whether you need a surrounding barrier for security purposes or anted curb appeal—or some other reason entirely—it is of the utmost importance that you hire a qualified local fence contractor. If you go on the internet and just search […]

American Security & Gate now offering Aria Louvers!

The newest PalmSHIELD design, the Aria horizontal louvers, are genius! Albert Einstein famously said: “Genius is making the complex ideas simple, not making the simple ideas complex.” PalmSHIELD has made him proud with the simplicity of the Aria horizontal louvers. The selection of architectural screening has also been simplified with the new Aria louvers. The […]

The Basics of Planning a Playground in Fargo | American Security and Gate Company

For most people, a playground in Fargo is a one-time purchase—with possible add-ons in the future—so it helps to know a few pointers before you start shopping for equipment and surfacing. Our sister division, American Playground Company, is the Midwest’s #1 contractor for play areas; with their help, we’ve assembled this guide on basic questions […]

Windscreens vs. Slats for Chain Link Fences | American Security and Gate Company

Of all the fencing types prevalent today, chain link remains the top choice for commercial and sporting venues. It’s no mystery why: the intersecting, diamond-shaped weaves in the mesh create a resilient barrier while, at the same time, permitting airflow and visibility suited for supervision and spectatorship. That said, on blustery days it’d be convenient […]

Top 4 Benefits of Winter Fence Installation in Fargo | American Security and Gate Company

Many homeowners and businesses assume that the best seasons for fence installation are spring and summer—and that to build a fence any other time of the year is impractical and inconvenient. The truth, however, is something of the opposite. Because everyone assumes warmer months constitute prime fence-building time, fence companies’ schedules usually become overwhelmed during […]

Vertical Pivot Gates | American Security and Gate Company – Fargo, ND

Because automated gates are essential to controlling entry at commercial and industrial facilities, every precaution should be made to prevent unwanted gaps through which intruders can slip. While most facilities default to swing and slide gates, those particular barrier types are not the top choice for areas with uneven terrain. Curbs, changes in elevation, contours, […]

Save big with Posts Now Panels Later discount

How It Works Contact us between now and December 31st to schedule your posts’ setting. During winter, our crews will come back to install the fence panels. In the spring, you will have a new, beautiful fence to enjoy as part of your yard. Posts Now, Panels Later Benefits Colder temperatures mean fewer outdoor social […]

Protect Your Home with a Gate Lock

How often do you think about the ways people can gain access to your home? You probably lock your doors and windows, but what about your gate? If you haven’t considered your fence as more than a way to keep children and pets contained, you’re not alone. When people committ to breaking and entering, they […]

Top 5 Ways to Protect Against Job Site Thefts

Unfortunately, job site thefts have been all too common of an event in recent years. Despite efforts from contractors to provide site security, theives still find their way into sites to plunder valuable materials and tools. While site security is important, it is not the only deciding factor in preventing thefts. Our temporary fence rental […]

How to Choose a Fence Contractor to Repair a Storm Damaged Fence

When you’re hit hard with storm damage, it is often tempting to rush the process of finding a contractor to fix your fence. However, not all fence contractors are equally up to the task. We understand the stress of wanting your fence fixed as soon as possible, so we compiled these tips for selecting a […]

Storm Damaged Fences: More Helpful Tips

Damaged fences are not a small ticket item, especially when it comes to storm damage. So, to follow-up on our recent post about dealing with storm damaged fences, we have a few more tips for you to help save money and frustration. 1. Your original contractor is the best option for damaged fences. The person […]

What Are the Best Gates for Hills and Valleys? | American Security and Gate Company – Fargo, ND

Proper gate installation tends to be tricky and complicated. However, installing a gate on sloped terrain—i.e., hills and valleys—presents a whole new set of challenges. In fact, as the premier fence and gate company in Fargo, ND, we recommend avoiding gate installation on sloped areas if all possible. After all, uneven terrain can become more […]

White Fir Wood Fencing | American Security and Gate Company – Fargo, ND

Although Western Red Cedar remains the top choice for wood fencing in the Midwest, other tree species have been known to produce high quality fence materials. White fir (Abies concolor) is a coniferous tree species native to the mountains of western North America. Frequently found at elevations of 3,000-11,200 feet, these trees typically grow 80-195 […]

Picking Out the Right Gate | American Security and Gate Company – Fargo, ND

A common response customers have following the installation of a fence is “Why didn’t I get a gate?” Here at American Security and Gate Company in Fargo, North Dakota, we employ industry professionals obligated to salute the pros of each type of gate, as well as to point out the liabilities. Picking out the right […]

DIY Fence Materials | American Security and Gate Company – Fargo, ND

Looking for DIY fence supplies in Fargo, North Dakota? Welcome to American Security and Gate Company, your one stop shop for all fencing needs — fence installation, fence repair, fence materials available at wholesale costs. Our inventory of materials encompasses 18+ acres across multiple locations in the Midwest: chain link, vinyl, wood, custom metal, etc. […]

5 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Storm Damage

Storm season–especially this summer’s–often comes with damage to trees, houses, and fences. Shear winds and downed tree limbs wreak havoc, causing many to need repairs or replacements for their fences. In the process of clean up, it is important to understand how best to deal with your fence’ storm damage. Otherwise, you just might cause […]

New AIA-Approved Course Provided by PalmSHIELD

PalmSHIELD is proud to offer a new AIA-approved continued education course, “The Selection of Architectural Screening.” It is worth 1 LU-HSW for AIA members, available on-demand or live, and requires no prerequisite knowledge. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free? This course is introductory and unbiased, covering the following: The evolution and need for […]

PalmSHIELD Introduces the Mercury Screening Line

Even though we’ve been in the business of designing and fabricating architectural screening for more than 50 years, PalmSHIELD recognizes the need to continue adapting to changes in the market. Our products offer enhanced security and aesthetics, but we recognize that some projects have to accommodate budgets in which our more typical products cannot fit. […]

New Pricing on PalmSHIELD’s Horizontal Louver

The horizontal louver (currently the most popular of PalmSHIELD’s products) is receiving a new look, and a new price to boot! PalmSHIELD customers have placed their trust in our louvered architectural screening for more than fifty years, depending on them to not only protect but provide airflow for mechanical and rooftop equipment as well as […]

Give a warm welcome to our newest division, American Playground Company

Always growing upwards and outwards, American Fence Company is now growing into the park and playground equipment market. American Playground Company is our newest division that specializes in the installation and design of outdoor recreational equipment. Our South Dakota branch recognized the potential in this new division and took charge of making our place in […]

Automatic gates with American Security and Gate Company of Fargo

You have made the decision to automate your gate, but you may not know how to go about choosing or installing gate access control. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo can make the gate access control process painless for you with their broad knowledge of gate automation. They understand how important quick and easy […]

Secure your job site with rental fence from American Security and Gate Company of Fargo

Do you need rental fencing to protect an event venue or a job site? American Security and Gate Company of Fargo makes it simple and easy to rent temporary fence that is guaranteed to keep the area flexible to change and readjustment without sacrificing security. American Fence will gladly install and remove the following 3 […]

Access control made easy by American Security and Gate Company of Fargo

Not that long ago, access control was as simple as a push button garage door opener, no more complicated than a garage door opener. With modern advances in technology, it is no longer that straightforward. Now access controls include things such as barrier arms, telephone entry, transmitters, key pads, sensing edges as well as a […]

American Access Company has everything you need for gate access

American Access Control is the newest member of the American Fence Company family and we are so excited to finally be able to put such a strong focus on access control. American Access Company is an access control vendor and we sell items such as receivers, transmitters, photo eyes, barrier arms, gate operators and much […]

PalmSHIELD Helps Mission Dispensary Make History in Allentown, PA

Allentown, Pennsylvania opened up their very first medical marijuana dispensary—Mission Dispensary—on June 12, 2018. This is exciting because they decided to include a PalmSHIELD horizontal louver mechanical screening enclosure as a part of their dispensary. PalmSHIELD’s horizontal louver fence system was installed masterfully by ProMax Fence Systems at the dispensary. The mechanical equipment screening fits […]

How to properly prepare for temporary fencing in Fargo, North Dakota

With massive construction going on, it is critical that temporary fences are used properly for workers and pedestrian safety. Having installed thousands of temporary construction fences, our crews have sat idle at many job sites while the contractor frantically tries to figure-out where to put his construction fence. We have also gone back to just […]

How To Layout Your Next Outfield Fence in Fargo, ND

There are hundreds of youth and community organizations each year who wish to install their own ballfield fencing in Fargo.  When pencil hits paper to start laying-out their field dimensions, inevitably they begin to scratch their heads.  How do we get a greater distance from center field to home plate then from right or left […]

Perforated Panel: Another Security Fence Option in Fargo

PalmSHIELD’s perforated panel screen systems are a type of security fencing that comes with a wide array of hole sizes and metal sheet thicknesses. This style of security fence allows a controllable amount of visibility and air flow. Perforated panel systems from PalmSHIELD are made of aluminum, which makes them very lightweight and corrosion resistant. […]

Your Best Choice for Large Cantilever Gates in Fargo, ND!

American Fence Company of Fargo proves that every gate is a success.  Any large cantilever gate that is longer than sixty-five feet and has a mechanical splice is fully tested in their shop.  This is not an easy task.  Each gate is supported with a series of lifts and blocks to replicate what would occur […]

PalmSHIELD Heads to LA! See us today for all your custom enclosures.

PalmSHIELD basks in sunny Los Angeles. PalmSHIELD louvers is proud to have been selected by the City of Los Angeles Water and Power as their mechanical equipment closure. The City of Los Angeles has a tight set of requirements relative to their mechanical equipment louvered systems. Louvered equipment enclosures must meet the 31 pounds per […]

Deciding Between Slats or Windscreen for Fencing in Fargo

If you’ve ever wanted some privacy and wind protection from your chain link fence, consider installing a windscreen or some colored vinyl slats. Both options provide extra coverage on your chain link fence that can reduce visibility, increase aesthetics and block the wind. This can be beneficial from small scale fences up to major baseball […]

Fence Parts for Sale in Fargo! Toprail Details.

Build an industrial chain link fence that is not only sturdy and strong, but also lightweight. Our 1-5/8” x 21’ CR30 Top Rail is specifically designed and engineered for these types of industrial chain link applications. Since they are cold rolled, these pipes have increased hardness and strength compared to a hot-dipped galvanized pipe. Our […]

American Security and Gate Company of Fargo: Your choice for custom Vinyl Products

Since the beginning of vinyl being installed as a fence product it has also been used for many other projects. Your choice is only limited by your imagination. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo has installed literally hundreds of custom vinyl products throughout the years. Such projects include mail box holders (as per the […]

Custom Gates in Fargo, North Dakota

Featuring: 4 foot Over Arch Gate Our 4 foot tall over arch Spear Top Gate is 4’ at its lowest point and slopes up to 4’ 6”. This gate has a 16 foot opening and is 24 feet long overall. With this gate, the first impression of your property will give off to a passersby […]

PalmSHIELD! Your professional choice, now offering specifications and Cad drawings for your convenience.

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that we established a complete set of specifications and CAD drawings for our PalmSHIELD Perforated Aluminum Panel System. This information will make it easy for engineers and architects to provide a complete set of specifications for perforated metal panel systems. This is the only complete perforated metal panel specification that […]

Bar Grating Now from PalmSHIELD

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce the addition of our new aluminum bar grating railing and fence panel system specifications and CAD drawings. This information will make it easy and complete for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for bar grating panel systems. PalmSHIELD has been successfully manufacturing aluminum and steel bar […]

Overscallop Entry Gates! We have what you’re looking for.

An overscallop ornamental gate is perfect for someone who wants a beautiful, sophisticated gate that will protect their property and require little maintenance. Adding an ornamental iron swing gate to a home or property brings a elegant feel that can also increase your property value. Because they are built of ornamental iron, these gates are […]

Why Choose Split Rail Fence?

More than likely you know of those quaint fences that often line rural properties. These fences are usually made of vinyl or wood and have two, three, or four rails, with lots of open space. This fence style is known as a ranch rail fence, or a split rail fence. Ranch rail fences are many […]

Aluminum Gates! Your best choice for light weight gate solutions.

Aluminum Cantilever Gates: Lightweight, Durable Option Cantilever gates are easy to use and are space-efficient and long lasting. Our Aluminum Cantilever Gates are very light, and have protected rollers, they are resistant to rust and are available at a competitive price point. These are the safest gates on the market and are the least likely […]

The Case for Fir Wood Fence

Fir is a very durable, affordable product that is perfect for fencing. America’s Fence Store has Stained Cedar-tone Fir pickets that will give you the consistent color and overall durability you’re looking for in your fence. Fir is resistant to bending, warping and holds nails and screws well without cracking. Pre-staining gives these pickets a […]

Arched Driveway Gates for Your Home

Over Arched Driveway Gates: Safety and Style A great way to add wow factor to your property that looks elegant, premium, and fancy is an arched driveway gate. Also known as estate gates, these are usually built on a driveway or access road to block or grant cars entrance and add security and privacy to […]

Your Wood Fence Experts!

Installing a wood fence yourself? Need to hire a professional installer? Either way, you will have to decide on the type and species of wood you want to use. Here’s a good starting point: Research what is available for species. There are several new species of wood fence posts available from your fence contractor and […]

Security Gates for Schools

School fencing and gates are a big concern for parents, students and school staff. This quickly became apparent upon the number of readers’ comments I received with the first two blogs. One of the most prevailing themes was the use and care of gates. Many of the parents brought up some very solid concerns regarding the use, placement […]

Pool Safety and Requirements

I recently read a news report about a young child that suffered drowning related injuries. This is a very unfortunate event. What makes it unusual is that the pool was closed for the season. The child was able to get under the pool cover. Once in the pool, he was not able to escape due […]

Safe Fencing for Schools

Last Thursday morning, I was behind a sea of yellow caterpillars. All of them moving in several different directions with heads bopping up and down inside. School is has started…I was reminded. At the next traffic light, I begin to drift away to an article about a teacher who severely damaged her hand in a gate at school. […]

Louvered Panels are Versatile and Effective

PalmSHIELD is a custom louvered manufacturer and design service. That is exactly what the Village of Kilmarnock, Virginia needed for their new amphitheater. The Half Shell Theater is highlighted with PalmSHIELD’s louvered panels. Front and center is a twenty foot wide louvered panel that highlights the stage. Gable roofs vary in pitch and construction. Louvers have […]

We Specialize in Gates of ALL Sizes

America’s Gate Company is one of the nation’s largest gate manufacturers and providers. We custom build decorative and chain link swing, cantilever, slide, overhead gates and any others you can dream up. We specialize in the extraordinarily large gates and gate retrofits. A gate this size requires complicated engineering and fabrication that considers not only […]

Temporary Fence Panel System Tips

All major storms that sweep through your community will leave some damaged fencing. Temporary fencing is always hit hard, mostly because it is not set in concrete footings or permanently fixed. Temporary fence panel systems are usually weighed down with sand bags placed at the base of the temporary fences. Typically, two sixty-pound sandbags every […]

Louvered Panels for Data Center

PalmSHIELD provided a new mechanical equipment enclosure for American Family Insurance’s new data center. PalmSHIELD louvers has a long history of providing architectural louvers for data centers. You can find our louvered panel system at the Google, Travelers and Yahoo! date centers. PalmSHIELD is the natural choice for large standalone louvered mechanical screen systems. Data […]

Alternative Security Enclosures

PalmSHIELD offers louvered and secured equipment enclosures. Copper and all other precious metal prices have increased over 60% since 2007. Thieves are averaging no less than $100.00 for tubing stolen from a residential ac unit installation. Recently, the local Houston news reported two commercial HVAC units dropped two stories from the top of a shopping […]

Automated Gates

Cantilever gates are the best choice for automated gates. A cantilever gate is suspended above the ground thus there is no concerns regarding terrain, road conditions or icy weather. The gates upper and lower guide wheels guide the gate through the entire opening. Unlike the sweeping effects of swing gates, cantilever gates roll back and […]

Engineering & Anchoring PalmSHIELD. Anchors Away!

PalmSHIELD has been engineered to meet the category one 90 mph wind load requirement for an architectural louvered screen system. Though we do not provide generalized engineered stamped drawings; we do review our engineering to assure that our design will meet designed load requirements relative to the overall design and selection of materials. Ultimately, it […]

Pre-stained Fence Pickets.

American Fence Company of Fargo is excited to share with our customers the new Cedar tone stained Fir pickets and rails. These pickets and rails have a fantastic track record with us of standing the test of years of Midwest winters and hot sunny summer days. When Sierra Pacific, the United States largest wood provider, […]

What temp fence is right for me?

Your temporary construction fence should be your first line of defense at your construction site. Not only does it aid in keeping materials and tool safe; it keeps potential lawsuits from curious trespassers out. Construction sites are dangerous, especially in the dark. It is easy for others to quickly get hurt. According to the Chain […]

Leader in Wood Fence Products.

Incense Cedar fence pickets, rails and posts are one of the most durable and decay-resistant of native American woods. It is produced from a forest tree found in California, southern Oregon and western Nevada. Incense Cedar is generally known in the lumber industry as one of the twelve woods of the Western Woods Region Incense […]

The Temporary Rental Fence Drive Through – American Rental Fence.

Drive to any of our fully staffed facilities in Sioux City, Lincoln, Grand Island, Nebraska; Kansas City, Kansas; Sioux Falls, South Dakota Des Moines, Iowa and Grand Island, Nebraska and pick-up temporary fence panels, posts, stands and sand bags today for your event tomorrow. American Fence Rental inventories thousands of temporary fence panels and event […]

Pre-Stained Wood Fence

Cedar Tone Stained Fence. What are the benefits of using pre-stained pickets, rails and posts? It must be said at the beginning of this piece…there is no substitute for using pre-stained fence boards. These are wood pickets, rails and posts that are stained by the mill, packaged and shipped to your local DIY store. Nobody […]

It’s Construction Season! Call us today for your rental fence needs.

It’s construction season! American Rental Fence is the leader in temporary construction rental fence in the Midwest. Though we have over ten thousand fence panels rented-out; American Rental Fence has over three thousand panels in inventory in Sioux City, Lincoln, Grand Island, Nebraska; Grand Island, Nebraska; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Des Moines, Iowa; and Kansas […]

American Fence Rental Company

At The American Fence Company we want our fences to last for years, but not all fences are meant to be forever, as we also offer temporary fence. If you’re looking to rent a Temporary Fence System, you’ve come to the right place, we are proud to announce the American Fence Rental Company website is […]

“Spring fence projects” Call us today for your free estimate.

Spring is only four days away residential fence projects are in full swing. Give us a call today for your complete residential fence needs. We have the largest inventory of residential fence products in the Midwest. Call us today to schedule your no cost, no obligation residential fence estimate. We have all the tried and […]

“Not so temporary, temp fence”

Temporary construction rental fence is not so temporary. American Fence Company uses only top notch quality commercial grade materials in the construction and installation of our temporary fences. We also use a simple ring design on our panels that makes it easy to modify the system. No complicated hardware, and nuts and bolts that get […]

Pick the best Ornamental fence

Ornamental fence for the twenty first century. Twenty years ago, the majority of residential ornamental fences were stick built. Stick built is a crude terminology for welding ornamental fence panels in local fabrication shops after attempting to field verify elevations and length of fence runs. This method was very time consuming and rarely perfect. Worst […]

Custom Decorative Metals provider.

Did you know that American Fence Company provides more decorative custom metals products than any other fabricator in the Midwest? You can find our custom metals work in some of our most beautiful homes, universities, state capitols and nuclear power plants. Our work spreads across the United States from coast to coast. American Fence Companies […]

Your preferred Pet Fence provider

Year after Year America Fence Company has set the standard in pet fence needs. Whether large or small pets our sales staff can recommend the right fit for you. You may have seen other fence projects constructed on a slope, as a result the gate leaves a large gap due to the “stair step” affect. […]

We are your preferred custom wood fence provider

Custom wood fences are tricky. The tried and true solid, shadow box and picket wood fences use proven installation techniques that guarantee a long lasting installation. Most qualified fence contractors successfully install hundreds of these fences every year. Materials, fasteners and techniques are industry standards and there is a great deal of literature on “How […]

Gates of all kinds

American Fence Company builds over one thousand slide gates and over four thousand swing gates each year. Each and every gate is fabricated to our customers’ unique requests. From a single 150’ long slide gate at one of the Nation’s largest airport to a four thousand pound ornamental decorative slide gate at the governor’s mansion […]

Louvered fence option

PalmSHIELD rolls into the Village of Glenview Train Station PalmSHIELD was selected as the mechanical equipment louvered screen system of choice for the Village of Glenview. The Village selected an eight foot tall PalmSHIELD louver system to protect and hide a compressor unit at the local train station. The Village staff elected to install the […]

Another new product from your security fence experts

Our customers have been asking for a detailed specification to include in their project plans and specifications to be sure that they get the Ultra Latch and no substitutions. We are happy to oblige. Below is a detailed specification to assist your contractors in selecting and installing the Ultra Latch for your application. American Ultra […]

Temporary Fence

For over 55 years of experience and 100,000 feet plus of temporary fence installed in eight states, American Fence Company can help you with the latest and best security solutions. We can help you secure and protect any construction job site, special event, work area, disaster relief zone or other restricted area from public access. […]

Estate Gates-Custom Entry Gates.

We are your preferred fence contractor for custom estate gates. Contact us today for help designing your custom gates. We will work with you through every tiny detail. If you want to add an automatic residential entry system we can do that too. With a fully staffed fabrication shop and years and years of experience […]

Porch Rail Functional and Stylish.

If you’re in Nebraska and in the market for porch rail contact us today for your free estimate. Take a look at this completed project.

Unfounded Vinyl Fence Fears

As we round the corner on another Midwest winter, our neighborhood’s vinyl fences are still standing.  Surprising? Of course, not. Vinyl fencing has been around for over twenty years. Its popularity has grown exponentially as it replaces wood and ornamental in popularity.  Yet, there are still many home owners and neighborhood associations that are hesitant […]

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Purchasing vinyl coated chain link fencing can be confusing.  One contractor says “9 gauge material” on his proposal while another says “11 gauge wire”.  Which one is better?  Undetermined. Why the confusion?  It all stems from the gauge.  Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge?  According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link is […]

The cold reality of your gate

Every day, we go through dozens of doors without giving it a second thought.  We just don’t realize the precision that goes into a door and jamb.  Isn’t it amazing how the strike hits the strike plate each and every time? Ok, not that amazing. The cold reality is that your gates are not doors. […]

Why all the confusion over vinyl coated chain link?

Why the confusion?  It all stems from the gauge.  Is it finished gauge or core wire gauge?  According to ASTM  668, vinyl coated chain link is specified and ordered by the metallic core wire.  However, according to various suppliers, they may interpret your request to mean a finished gauge ( metallic core wire plus vinyl […]

The Death of Real Cedar Fencing

When I was a boy I use to work summers at my father’s fence company.  Back then, cedar fence boards were rich with dark red, brown and orange hues.  The boards had a strong cedar smell that was so pungent that you might have thought you were locked in your grandmother’s cedar closet.  Back then, […]