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Which fencing contractor in Fargo can be relied upon for your project? The ideal choice should possess the essential elements necessary for a quality fence, including training, experience, tools, and inventory. With over 50 years of operation in the Midwest, American Security and Gate Company has established itself as a reputable entity, mastering techniques and strategies for delivering high-quality results. Our team has undergone superior training in fence construction, benefiting from education and supervision by knowledgeable professionals. This commitment to training ensures that our products surpass the competition.

Highly Trained Staff + Top-Notch Equipment = Your Dream Fence

We place great emphasis on training in fence construction for several reasons. While some commercial fence contractors in Fargo rely on on-the-job experience to train their installers, we believe that your business deserves a flawless product crafted by a team with extensive training. At American Security and Gate Company, our newest employees undergo a comprehensive eighteen-stage training program, enabling them to develop a deep understanding of their trade. This education extends beyond fences to include building, installing, and repairing gates. When our team arrives at your property to install a fence, they are fully prepared and equipped to achieve the best possible results.

In addition to experience, top-notch equipment is crucial in ensuring high-quality fences. We exclusively utilize premium-grade equipment for our projects. Our in-house mechanics diligently maintain this equipment, ensuring it remains in optimal condition, further enhancing our ability to deliver outstanding results.

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Massive Inventory of Fence Materials in Fargo

American Security and Gate Company excels in all the aforementioned aspects, including the vital component of inventory. With our branch and twelve additional branches operated by our parent company, we boast over 18 acres of fence materials. This extensive inventory not only serves our own needs but is also available for wholesale purposes. In our commitment to stay ahead of other fence companies in Fargo, we have expanded our materials purchasing options to include e-commerce. To acquire commercial-grade fence materials, whether it’s a single fitting or multiple wood fence posts, you can visit our online fence parts store. With the convenience of purchasing from your computer or mobile device, even while on the job site, accessing our supplies has never been easier. This accessibility is one of the many reasons why contractors in Fargo choose us for their supply needs.

When it comes to fence repair and upkeep services in Fargo, hiring a reputable contractor is of utmost importance. While a professionally installed fence can last for years, exposure to time and the elements may result in wear and tear, necessitating repairs or replacements. Entrusting these tasks to non-professionals can lead to further damage and additional costs. Our extensively trained team is equipped to repair various types of fences, including wood, vinyl, and chain link, even if we didn’t install them initially. Therefore, regardless of whether your fence was constructed twenty years ago by someone else, you can rely on us to successfully handle the necessary repairs.

Multiple Divisions, Multiple Services

Setting us apart from our competition in Fargo is the fact that our services extend beyond fences. Our divisions include PalmSHIELD, the nation’s leading specialist in architectural and mechanical screening, as well as Patriot Custom Metals and IronShield Coatings, which collaborate to produce unique products in various styles and colors. American Fence Rental supplies fence panels for temporary security installations, while American Playground Company leads the parks and recreation industry in the Midwest. Additionally, America’s Gate Company specializes in gates, while American Access Company is the nation’s premier contractor for automated gates and access control.

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