Custom Ornamental Fence Company in North Dakota

Professional Fence Fabrication

American Security and Gate Company of Fargo’s in-house team includes certified ornamental fence fabricators, who assemble fences with a massive facility complete with premier technology and equipment.

Fence Fabrication Drawings

Here at American Security and Gate Company of Fargo, we believe customers should never guess or wonder how their fence design will turn out. For this reason, we’ve made a practice of providing complete fabrication drawings to our clientele. The actual fabrication process does not begin until the client has signed off on these designs.

Variety of Fence Coatings

Because American Security and Gate Company operates one of the largest powder coating and media blasting operations in the American Midwest, we are able to provide an enormous number of fence coatings — this includes patina, metallic, and pearl-essence.

Commercial Custom Ornamental Fences Gallery

Custom Ornamental Fence Contractor in Fargo, ND

Working closely with us in our mission to deliver to-notch ornamental fencing is our sister division, American Custom Metals. ACM is the largest operation of its kind in the American Midwest, and their expertise in custom meals and ours in the fence industry allows us to turn out stellar product for both commercial and residential clients.

Here are a few of the things that make us stand out from other fence companies in Fargo, ND:

  • A 50,000 square foot facility complete with fence fabrication equipment.
  • A thoroughly trained fence fabrication staff — which includes 6G certified welders — able to put together even the most complicated of custom ornamental fence projects. Our in-house team of engineers help design fences while ensuring their longevity and structural integrity.
  • Every fence design is put together according to fabrication drawings approved in advance by the customer.
  • The largest media blasting and powder coating operation in the Midwest.
  • A thorough quality control program.

We’ve fabricated custom metal projects for 50+ years. Our projects can be found in every state, and our list of offered products are virtually endless: balcony railings, bridge railings, slide gates, estate gates, ornamental fences, architectural screening, mechanical equipment screening, etc.