Commercial Specialty Products in Fargo, ND

Custom Fabrication

Have you recently Googled, “Where to buy a gazebo in Fargo?” How about a pergola, or an arbor? A decorative arch to install above the gated entrance of your business? No matter the specialty product you have in mind, American Security and Gate Company of Fargo is here to help. Our products are put together at our own fabrication facility and installed by our expert staff. The materials we use to manufacture specialty products include wood, vinyl, and metal.

Made to Order

Our specialty products are custom designed and built to suit the individual needs of the customer. No matter the style befitting your business in Fargo, we can fabricate a unique, one of a kind item that will complement its surroundings, appeal to customers, and distinguish your commercial property for years to come.

Uncommon Products

Specialty items manufactured by American Security and Gate Company of Fargo are custom made on an individual basis. When you have us design and build something for you — whether it’s a mailbox, a gazebo, an arbor, a pergola, an arch — you can rest assured it’ll be truly unique, a one of a kind item to help distinguish your property from the crowd.

Specialty Commercial Items Gallery

Have you thought about installing a gazebo in Fargo, North Dakota? There are numerous specialty products you can get to help distinguish your commercial property. Customized arches are very attractive to install over a gated entrance. A uniquely designed mailbox can likewise help you stand out. There are also pergolas, arbors, ornate hand railings, and so much more. Here at American Security and Gate Company, we don’t stick solely to assembly line items that look exactly alike. We allow our customers the chance to talk about what kind of product they want, how they want it to look, and set about making the item to their specifications. Our status as the top fence contractor in Fargo is partly the result of specializing in products beyond our namesake; gazebos, pergolas, arbors, etc. are just a few examples of the unique items we can build!

Specialty Products in Fargo, ND FAQ

What type of specialty products do we fabricate?

Really, just about anything you want — gazebos, railings, arches, bars, lamp posts, etc. This is because American Security and Gate Company is a custom fabricator, with access to massive facility, thousands of acres of materials, and staffed by certified industry experts. Your #1 fence contractor in Fargo didn’t come by its reputation with nothing! Our wheelhouse goes far beyond fences and gates!

What type of materials does American Security and Gate Company of Fargo use for specialty products?

Vinyl, wood, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron. All of our materials are of prestige quality, attained through our relationship with reputable vendors across the globe.

I have an idea for a specialty product. What do I do next?

Give us a call so we can set up an appointment to talk about what you’re envisioning. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo’s staff are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of custom fabrication and can design, engineer, and install customized items of all types. So if you’re wondering how to install a gazebo in Fargo, North Dakota, we can help you. Same for custom mailboxes, arches, pergolas, etc.

When we meet with you, you don’t need to bring illustrations or even any complicated measurements. We’ll help put together ideas, devise a list of materials, and from there, our computer-aided designers will get to work creating drawings — at no cost to you! Only once the design’s received your approval will we set up a time to visit your property and document field dimensions. After receiving the OK from you again, the actual fabrication process begins. During this process, we’ll consult you about coating options — electrostatic, hand painting, powder coating, and galvanization. The finished product will be delivered to your commercial address. Not sure how to install it? Our team will be happy to do it for you!