Commercial Vinyl Fence Contractor in Fargo

Vinyl Fence Durability

Vinyl products sold by American Security and Gate Company come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers chipping, cracking, and peeling. Warranty is extremely helpful for fencing in North Dakota, whose cold seasons are frequently rampant with heavy snowfall, harsh winds, and freezing temperatures.

Low Maintenance

Our vinyl fence products are elegant and long lasting, which makes them perfect for commercial properties. In addition to anteing up security, they also add curb appeal to restaurants, commercial gardens, and more. Requiring less maintenance than other barrier types, these vinyl fences in Fargo don’t require constant staining, repaints, or replacements. They are also quite durable, resistant to everyday impacts.

Fence Styles and Colors

Our customers have the luxury of choice when it comes to vinyl fencing in Fargo, North Dakota. Check out the broad selection of fence colors and styles we offer, and choose one that fits your commercial needs.

Commercial Vinyl Fencing in Fargo Gallery

Long lasting and aesthetically beautiful, vinyl is actually one of the most functional materials for fencing in Fargo, North Dakota. Here at American Security and Gate Company, we go the extra mile by carefully designing and engineering our vinyl so that it is resilient to damage caused by the elements: erosion, rain, sunlight, etc. The end result of this built-in protection is that your fence resists the development of rust. A sturdy yet flexible makeup also means it rarely takes damage from everyday impacts. And whereas wood fences are susceptible to insect damage, this fence type is not on the preferred menu for termites and carpenter ants.

In the interest of making our vinyl fences as strong as possible, American Security and Gate Company has formed a partnership with Ply Gem Fence & Rail. Our fences are made of the best possible materials, designed to last a lifetime.

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Commercial Vinyl Fence Contractor in Fargo, ND FAQ

What is the lifespan of a vinyl fence?

In addition to greater resistance to the weather and insect damage, vinyl fencing is advantageous over wood due to its longevity. As the years pass, your fence should retain its strength, losing only some of its original sheen. However, fading and loss of color should not be an issue with the vinyl fences made by American Security and Gate Company of Fargo. This is because we imbue our vinyl with a chemical formation that acts in a manner similar to sunscreen: reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them.

What other advantages does vinyl have over wood fencing?

Greater flexibility. Although not indestructible, vinyl is engineered to resist normal wear and tear. Unless struck by unusual force (say, an automobile crash or a rock thrown up by a lawnmower), your fence should last a lifetime. If damage occurs, it’s a cinch to have it repaired. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo is not a one-time service. If you need follow-up maintenance or repairs (or even replacement parts), simply contact us and we’ll arrange whatever you need. This service is not for returning customers only. If you have a fence we didn’t build, we can still offer maintenance and repair, as our staff is trained to work on multiple kinds and grades of fencing.

Also unlike wood, vinyl does not burn easily, as it’s a self-extinguishing product. It requires temperatures exceeding 900 degrees to set this material aflame.

What is the cost of commercial vinyl fencing compared to commercial wood fencing?

Compared to typical #1 grade cedar fencing with the price of staining included, vinyl fencing is more cost competitive. It also costs less than ornamental fencing.

What is the best way to clean a vinyl fence?

Generally speaking, all you need to clear some of the staining common to outdoor vinyl fencing in Fargo is water and a mild detergent. If this doesn’t quite work, upgrade to Soft Scrub or baking soda. For those most stubborn of stains, try steel wool and Simple Green. When cleaning up paint and graffiti, we recommend starting off with a paint thinner or pressure washer. If none of the above ends up working, 400 grit sandpaper is also an option.

Do we cement our vinyl fence posts?

Yes. Dry mix with water added after the fact doesn’t guarantee consistency when the cement hardens, so we do not encourage this method. Setting vinyl fences in pre-mixed wet concrete, implemented under and around the post, is the best way.

Do vinyl fences in Fargo become more fragile in the winter?

A valid question to ask, given the brutal winters here in North Dakota. The good news is: while vinyl fencing loses some of its flexibility in extremely cold temperatures, it shouldn’t become damaged unless struck by an unusual amount of force.

Is our fencing vulnerable to damage caused by weed eaters?

Yes. Exercise caution when operating equipment near your fence posts, especially when using commercial trimmers. Feel free to contact us more more information about our weed barrier products for lawn trimming.

Does American Security and Gate Company offer warranty on commercial vinyl fencing in Fargo, ND?

Yes. As the #1 fence contractor in Fargo, we go the extra mile when it comes to materials for our products. Our PVC products come with limited lifetime warranty. We’ve also partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products, which grants 20 years’ warranty against premature discoloration and yellowing.

Does American Security and Gate Company offer custom design for vinyl fences in Fargo?

Yes. Our expert designers and fabrications have access to a computerized shop that allows us construct the fences any shape you can think of.

  1. First, we personally meet with you to review your fence design and layout.
  2. Your yard will be staked for your review and approval.
  3. A post layout map will be provided, showing you where each fence post will be installed.
  4. Once the posts are set, a fabrication drawing illustrating the dimensions and slope of each bay will be produced.
  5. Each individual panel will be custom fabricated in our computerized custom fabrication shop, according to this drawing.