Commercial Fence Contractor for Businesses in Fargo, North Dakota

Fencing is valuable for businesses of all kinds. Even commercial properties not as demanding on security can benefit from having an ornate perimeter fence, one to spice up their curb appeal and provide a sense of professionalism for clients. Attractive patio fences for restaurants in Fargo. State of the art security fencing to protect data centers. Chain link sports fencing for baseball fields. Whatever the venue, you’ll need to reach out to a reputable fence contractor in Fargo, one with a proven track record installing top-notch fencing for commercial clients.

Here at the American Security and Gate Company of Fargo, we access a massive inventory (18+ acres) of vinyl fence materials, wood fence supplies, iron fence materials, chain link fabric, etc. All of our products are designed, fabricated, and installed by certified industry professionals committed to quality and customer satisfaction. With 55+ years’ experience under our belts, American Security and Gate Company is the top contractor not just in Fargo, but the American Midwest — with a clientele that includes hospitals, restaurants, construction companies, correctional facilities, and more.

Did we also mention our state of the art vehicle barriers? Airports often require systems that can stop fast-moving vehicular threats, and we provide and install the devices needed to protect their grounds and personnel. When commercial clients need a fence company in Fargo, North Dakota, they contact us!

Commercial Services

Contracted Fence Installation in Fargo

Part of what makes us unique from other fence contractors in Fargo is our highly trained staff. Our in-house team consists of certified industry experts who have undergone thorough training in all manner of fence building. What’s more, our inventory encompasses more than 10,000 square feet and proffers materials of all kinds — vinyl, wood, chain link, ornamental iron. No matter what kind of fence you need, we have the materials and the expertise needed to transform your vision into a reality.

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Wholesale Fence Materials

American Security and Gate Company also offers materials to fellow contractors as well as ambitious DIY clients. Because our inventory includes 18+ acres of vinyl, wood, chain link, etc., we sell materials wholesale. What’s more, our tremendous buying power has allowed us to acquire materials for great prices, which results in savings that we then pass onto our customers.

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Commercial Products

Vinyl Fencing

  • Wide variety of vinyl fence colors & styles
  • Extremely durable
  • Low maintenance

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Wood Fencing

  • Broad variety of high-quality wood fence options
  • Attractive & inviting appearance
  • Numerous kinds & styles of wood fence

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Ornamental Fencing

  • Elegant, appealing ornamental fence style
  • Numerous ornamental fence picket and rail styles
  • Prefabricated ornamental fence panels

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Sports Fencing

  • Sports-grade material
  • Numerous types of sporting fence
  • Arenas, water parks, backstops

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Architectural Screening

  • Terrific air flow & ventilation
  • Controllable visibility
  • Rigid picture frame design

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K-Rated Barriers

  • Barriers to stop vehicles at high speeds
  • Ideal for high security facilities
  • Wedges, bollards, barrier arms

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High Security

  • Implemented by certified high security installers
  • Made of code compliant materials
  • Security fences, gates & barriers

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  • Chain link, vinyl & ornamental gates
  • Swing, slide & pedestrian gates
  • Manual or automated gate access options

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Automated Gates

  • Convenience of automated gates
  • Property Security of automated gates
  • Statement of Elegance

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  • Custom made to order fence railings
  • Ornamental & vinyl fence railing styles
  • Large adornment selection for fence railings

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  • Custom made to order speciality items
  • Vinyl, wood, or metal
  • Pergolas, arbors and more

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Temporary Fence

  • Multiple temporary fence security options
  • Movable & adjustable temporary fences
  • Temporary fences for events & construction sites

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A massive inventory of fence materials, a team of certified industry professionals, and top of the line equipment means American Security and Gate Company of Fargo is unsurpassed when it comes to efficiency. Whether it’s an attractive fence for a private parking lot, a security fence for a correctional facility, an automated gate, restaurant fencing — our team is ready to transform your vision into a long lasting product that will service your commercial property for years to come.

Experts on Commercial Fencing in Fargo, ND

No matter the type of fence involved — whether it’s an attractive vinyl fence or a high-tech security barrier — a reliable fence company in Fargo will assign certified industry experts to realize your project. Here at American Security and Gate Company, our staff undergo intense training before their first assignments. This includes our 18-lesson Fence Certification Program (which entails all manner of fence installation), annual recertification, and additional training on all-day events spanned to four different days throughout the year. Our employees also have access to access control tech certification and continued learning for high security appliances.

Communication and Commercial Fence Installation

One of the most essential steps to keeping a project in motion is constant communication. Not just between members of the construction team, but between the team and the client. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo prioritizes customer communication: our managers keep in touch with you while also working closely with sales and supervisory staff. Our CRM system sends critical updates so that projects stay on track and help us avoid mistakes.

Fence Safety in Fargo, North Dakota

In addition to rigorous training on fence installation, we utilize job site safety training managed by safety directors on both local branch and corporate levels. Our training program includes over a dozen equipment certifications, and each member of the fence installation team is taught the ins and outs of First Aid, CPR, and OSHA. American Security and Gate Company’s commitment to safety has earned us an MOD rating of 0.73, far below the industry average of 1.1.

Quality and Warranty Assured

Our customers can depend on us after their fence has been installed: fence maintenance, fence repairs, fence parts replacements. With 55+ years’ experience in construction, high security appliances, vehicle crash barriers, engineered custom metals, access control systems, we remain the largest fence contractor in Fargo and one of the 10 largest in the nation.

American Security and Gate Company of Fargo’s Reputation

Our products — both fences and custom metals projects — can be found from Yellowstone Forest to the Grand Canyon. Our commercial clientele includes military installations, data centers, and nuclear power plants.

What Distinguishes Us from other Fence Companies in Fargo, ND?

  • Fully operational CRM software, complete with regularly added new modules designed to enhance efficiency and promote improved crew performance.
  • Both commercial and residential project managers championing great customer experiences.
  • One of our divisions, American Access Company, consists of access control professionals trained on gate systems.
  • More than forty company installation crews, whose enthusiasm is promoted by increased employee wages and multiple benefit packages, including additional PTO. We believe that enthusiasm from the team makes a huge difference.
  • Our unique safety program: an extensive and driven system which has led to five consecutive years of constantly reducing MOD rates. Currently, we have a MOD rate of 0.73, which is far below the average for both the construction and fence industries.
  • With ten branches and multiple divisions across eight different states, American Security and Gate Company employees 300+ and has performed and delivered work to every state in the continental U.S.
  • Excellent tools, including hydraulic bollards, hydraulic wedges, Dod certified crash rated barriers, crash rated barrier arms, speed gates, and more.