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Appealing Fence Designs


The perks of ornamental fencing in Fargo is twofold. In addition to enhancing your home’s security, barriers made of this elegant material adds an air of sophistication. It has the potential to increase your property value.

Prefabricated Fencing in Fargo, ND


We are proud to offer customers secure, decorative fencing manufactured according to our brand American Ornamental. Being the top fence company in Fargo, ND, it is only fitting that we should offer our own line of ornamental fencing.

Long Lasting Fences in Fargo, ND


Our prefabricated ornamental fences have been designed and fabricated for extra rust resistance. Combined with the assurance provided by our warranty means clients can rest assured their investments will be protected.

Multiple Fence Options


American Security and Gate Company’s prefabricated ornamental iron fence panels are available in spear top and flat top. Available heights are 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.

Ornamental Fencing in Fargo, ND Gallery

Our line of ornamental fences, American Ornamental, are time tested and diverse — long lasting, elegant, available in spear top and flat top. In addition to enhancing your residential property’s security, they provide a touch of sophistication and have the potential to raise your property value. When professionally installed by our staff, they will be a long lasting decor. Should damages occur because of the harsh North Dakota weather, our staff is available to perform repairs and, if necessary, replacements.

Ornamental Fence Contractor in Fargo FAQ

Does American Security and Gate Company provide warranties on prefabricated ornamental iron fences?

Yes. We offer 10-20 year warranties to cover fence cracks, chips, and undue fading on our American Ornamental products. Longevity and coverage for the future is just one part behind our legacy as the #1 fence company in Fargo.

Does ornamental fencing rust, peel, chip, or fade?

Ask the following questions:

  • Should my iron fence be galvanized? Galvanization provides a shiny finish and helps protect rust resistance to fences. Please note that many paint applications don’t adhere to galvanized iron unless the first brush has been blasted.
  • Should iron fencing be powder coated? Powder is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven, producing a very resilient coating baked on for durability. Powder coating your ornamental fence provides a coating similar to plastic.
  • Should my iron fence be e-coated? American Security and Gate Company provides e-coating for prefabricated ornamental fencing.

Should ornamental fencing be welded?

We recommend field welding only when absolutely necessary. In the field, welds are promptly exposed to high humidity levels, which helps promote rust. Field welds can also weaken the fencing’s powder coated finish. Touching up should only be done with the manufacturer’s system. Ornamental fence panels should be shop fabricated with bolt-on connections attaching the panels to the fence posts.

Are ornamental fence posts in Fargo installed in concrete?

Yes. As the top fence company in Fargo, we go the extra mile to ensure product longevity. American Security and Gate’s fence posts are set in wet mix concrete. Never use dry mix with water added later. This does not provide the best consistency for concrete.