Commercial Sports Fencing in Fargo, ND

Sports-Grade Materials

Having installed sports fencing for 50+ years, American Security and Gate Company has all the expertise and equipment needed to build everything from backstops to tennis court fences to pool fences. Whether you need perimeter fencing for baseball fields in Fargo or basketball court fences, our highly trained staff is here to help.

Multiple Applications

We don’t simply build sports fences in Fargo, we install them, too! So if you’re looking for a contractor to install a baseball field fence — plus the backstop needed — simply give us a call. We’re also your one-stop-shop for other types of sports fencing, such as tennis court fences, fencing with windscreen, etc.

Aquatic Safety

The sports fencing we build and install in Fargo is not limited to ballfields. We also provide the safety fences required for pools and waterparks.

Sports Fencing Gallery

As the #1 sports fence contractor in Fargo, North Dakota, we understand the importance of recreational areas. But in addition to promoting activity and playtime, we realize outdoor recreation needs to be safe at the same time. With more than 50 years’ experience under our belts, we’ve installed sports fencing of many kinds: for ballfields, aquatic parks, courts, etc. Computer aided design, plus our trained staff, means we can complete fencing projects of all kinds.

Sports Complex Fencing in Fargo, ND FAQ

What types of sporting fencing do I need?

Historically speaking, chain link is the standard fence type for ballfields and other recreational areas in Fargo, ND. Chain link provides ventilation and visibility while also helping to prevent fast-moving balls from striking spectators. Here at American Security and Gate Company, we recommend CBW chain link fencing due to its smooth surface, which helps prevent cuts when people — both players and viewers — inevitably brush up against it. We also recommend chain link fencing as it can support windscreen.

However, for a more attractive barrier, we recommend vinyl-coated chain link fencing, which uses color coating. Our options on vinyl-coated chain link fences include light green, dark green, brown, and black.

What other types of Fargo sports fencing are appropriate for recreational use?

Most commercial property owners prefer vinyl or ornamental for sports fencing in Fargo, due to its aesthetic appeal. (Do note that BOCA code requires a maximum of a 4” gap located anywhere along the fence, plus a minimum height of 6’ tall for public swimming pools.) Other fence systems frequently used by commercial property owners are welded wire and woven mesh systems. The heavy gauge wire in these two systems are often arranged in horizontal and vertical formations to form rectangular shapes. Frequently, the shapes often panelized and set between square posts, and the fences are often powdered to achieve a certain color.

How about pool fences in Fargo? Pick out a style that meets local swimming pool code requirements. If you have questions about this or any other type of sports fencing, we’re glad to help you. Our expert staff will assist you in figuring out a style suiting your needs while also matching city code requirements.