Everything to Know About Ranch Rail Fence Panels in Fargo, North Dakota

In the early years of American history, the dominant function of fencing was not so much to safeguard a piece of property but rather to mark its boundaries. Looking for a simple DIY design that wouldn’t bankrupt them, ranch and farm owners turned to ranch rail. Also known as split rail fencing, these panels could be assembled quickly, consumed only a moderate amount of lumber, and were also efficient for containing livestock. For all of these reasons, it remains a common installation today, especially in rural areas. In addition to ranches and farms, cottages and cabins frequently use this type to distinguish perimeters and even raise property value.

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What sort of materials should I use for my ranch rail fence panels?

In the proverbial old days, ranch rail fence panels were fashioned solely from lumber. However, the advent of PVC has resulted in an alternate material that’s in many ways more efficient to own and maintain. Have you noticed wood fencing that’s marred with knots, split boards, etc.? Read on to learn about the resilience of vinyl to these negative effects.

  • Greater resistance to physical damage. Even though ranch rail fence panels remain a preferred choice for aesthetics and boundary-marking, it doesn’t hurt to invest in ones engineered from material that lasts longer and engineered for superior damage resistance. On this front, vinyl is the preferred choice over wood, boasting strength five times that of its counterpart. This makes PVC a must for fences designed to contain cattle: fewer scuffs, marks, and cracked rails when the animals bump against it.
  • Adaptability to temperature changes. The change of seasons tend to be drastic here in North Dakota: from pleasant springs to brutally harsh winters. It’s the nasty blizzards, accumulating snowdrifts, and relentless sheets of ice that fence owners frequently worry about, and this is another reason to consider PVC versus wood fencing. Not only is vinyl the stronger of the two, it’s also extremely resistant to temperature changes. Even in the most bitter of winters, the only change you should notice is a slight increase in flexibility. And even then, actual damage shouldn’t occur unless the fence is hit by an unusual amount of force.
  • Color retention. Aside from a slight reduction in the panels’ natural sheen, you shouldn’t notice a significant change in appearance with your vinyl ranch rail fence. As a result, this fence type holds onto its natural beauty much longer than others.
  • Lack of insect-related damage. Also of threat to wood fences but not so to vinyl are wood-devouring pests such as termites and carpenter ants. These insects do not favor PVC, so they shouldn’t take interest in your vinyl split rail fence panels.
  • Superior water resistance. As mentioned earlier, a common phenomenon observed in wood fence panels is unsightly deformations—the majority of which result from water exposure. Wood is an absorbent material, so morning dew, rain, melting ice and snow, even excessive spray from garden hoses and sprinklers will become trapped inside the panels. Then, as the temperature drops to freezing, the liquid turns to ice, expanding within the wood and physically breaking it apart.

    While it is possible to counter these negative effects via staining and painting, this is a process that adds up in the long run—especially when it comes to re-staining and repaints as they become necessary over the years. This segues into another advantage of using vinyl for your split rail fence panels: PVC is non-absorbent, meaning water simply runs off it.

Where can I get ranch rail fence materials in Fargo, ND?

Installing ranch rail fence panels is a prime task for DIY homeowners. But whether you’re building your own fence or hiring a contractor, you want assurance that the materials are of the highest quality available. American Security and Gate Company of Fargo, North Dakota deals only with reputable vendors to acquire top-quality PVC and wood stock. One of these vendors is the vinyl manufacturer Ply Gem & Rail. We also sell materials wholesale.

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