PalmSHIELD Brings Playground Screening to Fargo, North Dakota

Local playgrounds are the go-to venue for kids’ entertainment. During recess, community events, and the odd couple of hours after school, children love to congregate at these inclusive structures—often under the watchful eye of their parents, who’re now given the opportunity to meet and nurture neighborhood relations. Our playground division, American Playground Company, is the Midwest’s top contractor for inclusive play structures and high-quality surfacing; and our screening division, the reputable PalmSHIELD, specializes in beautiful enclosures that secure playgrounds while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

What’s special about PalmSHIELD playground screening? What advantages does it have over traditional fencing?

As the #1 fence company in Fargo, North Dakota, let us take the opportunity to state first and foremost that there is nothing wrong with installing a playground fence. However, there are a number of distinct advantages to using PalmSHIELD’s specialized screening.

  • Quality playground security. The top function of any enclosure is to provide security and on that front these playground screening panels deliver in spades. Even with tools, intruders will find it extremely difficult to trespass on a facility protected by these panels.
  • Compliant with CPSI standards. PalmSHIELD’s products are the only Fargo screening options that meet CPSI (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) standards—meaning they’ve been specially designed for utmost safety.
  • Lack of sharp surfaces. Whereas chain link has knots which can potentially result in pinches (especially when kids try to climb up the mesh), our playground screening is thoroughly smooth and devoid of unsafe materials.
  • Elegant patterns. Fully equipped with state of the art design and fabrication technology, PalmSHIELD can incorporate intricate aesthetics into the look of your screening panels. Among other things, you can custom design the panels to include logos.
  • Matches building exteriors and community standards. Top-notch equipment and trained industry professionals means we can craft playground screening panels that not only provide security but compliment your building exteriors. Our panels can also be engineered to match existing community standards for your neighborhood.