Temporary fencing is valuable for adding perimeter security to construction sites, weddings, marathons, tournaments, concerts, any venue where vehicle and crowd control is essential. As the #1 rental fence contractor in Fargo, American Fence Rental had stockpiles of high quality materials, and teams of trained industry professionals who can assemble, maintain, and store temporary fencing.

Rental Fence Products

Panel Fencing

American Fence Rental of Fargo specializes in high-quality, easy to assemble and store products that are available at affordable prices! When it comes to product transportation, configuration, and reconfiguration, our products are very convenient and easy to use. If you have a job site where security parameter needs are constantly changing, we are the Fargo fence contractor of choice!

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Fencing for job sites and event areas need to permit authorized entry. For this reason, American Fence Rental has swing and slide gates for this very purpose. Help control vehicle and foot traffic while permitting convenient entry for authorized personnel.


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By keeping debris and prying eyes out of job sites, productivity remains higher. For this reason, we recommend windscreens — also known as privacy screens — for your temporary fences. These screens are customizable, so you can display your logos and brand colors. For this reason, windscreens are also useful for advertising and representation.


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Another temporary fence solution we sell are barricades, which are useful for crowd control at public events such as weddings, parades, and marathons. Configuration and reconfiguration are easy with these lightweight barriers, which require no special equipment and come with a number of setup options.


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In some cases, temporary fences need an additional layer of security. For that reason, American Fence Rental provides options that include access control, top and bottom rail framework, tension wires, and barbwire. We also recommend the Ultra Latch, which is resistant to bolt cutters! Diversity and being able to accommodate numerous security needs is part of what makes us #1 for rental fence companies in Fargo.

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Transportation of rental fences requires horsepower and, in many cases, more than one trip. For this reason, American Fence Rental of Fargo provides the option of hiring us to relocate your fences and equipment. To do this, we have fleets of flatbed trucks, tractor-trailers, and forklifts. Depend on us to move your fence panels and hardware between job sites, from job site to storage center, or between storage centers.


Storage space for standard size rental fencing in Fargo typically encompasses 100 square feet or more, and panels on average are stacked in groups of up to 25. Not everyone has this much space available on campus, so American Fence Rental offers help with storage for temporary fencing.

American Fence Rental of Fargo will store your temporary fencing up to a year, for a one-time fee. This allows you to save personal storage space for other needs, while providing assurance that your fencing will be properly stored and preserved.


In times when schedules become packed, turn to American Fence Rental of Fargo for temporary fence storage. Our team has been thoroughly trained in all aspects regarding rental fence disassembly, storage, and reassembly.

In addition to knowing our products inside and out, the team here at American Fence Rental is trained and equipped to work with fencing of all kinds. So we can work with fencing products from other rental fence contractors in Fargo. Even if you have fencing from another company, we can help with questions or concerns you have.

If you want a quick, fast quote on rental fencing for your individual project, give us a call. All we need are measurements regarding feet and the services and number of panels you require.


Here in Fargo, temporary fencing is sometimes exposed to harsh weather and over time this can result in wear and tear. However, don’t assume temporary fencing is disposable. Here at American Fence Rental, we recommend maintenance. Our staff has access to stockpiles of materials and can mend panels, posts, stands, fabric, etc. Don’t throw away your fence. Let us restore it for you.

American Fence Rental of Fargo is ready to help with all your temporary fencing needs. Whether you need to replace a worn out panel or install a thousand feet of temporary fencing, our highly trained staff is here to help!