A big part of what makes us the top fence contractor in Fargo is that our wheelhouse encompasses more than just perimeter fencing. America’s Gate Company is responsible for building over 1,000 slide gates — plus 4,000 or more swing gates — every year. Single 150’ long slide gates, 4,000 pound ornamental decorative slide gates, chain link gates, and everything in between — we have the skills and the equipment needed to get the job done. Each product is carefully designed and engineered according to each customer’s individual needs. Our 10 fabrication facilities are staffed with certified welders, plus teams of Computer Aided Designers. America’s Gate Company has completed every type of residential, commercial and industrial gate imaginable, and our handiwork can be found in Disney World, Hershey Park, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. In addition, we’ve provided security gates for data centers, nuclear power plants, and military bases across the U.S. Our clients also include a few top secret high security facilities that we aren’t even allowed to mention!

Something else worth mentioning: the ideal gate fits with the ideal fence, and the ideal fence contractor in Fargo is able to handle this!


While we are by no means the only gate company in North Dakota, we are unique from the competition in that we are a national custom metals manufacturer. Tried-and-true structural principles are employed here as we work designs into finished, secure gates.


If you’ve lived in Fargo long, you know the winters here can be brutal: snow, ice, blizzards, high winds, etc. Fortunately, there are types of gates which are more resilient to winter conditions than others, such as the widely used cantilever slide gate. These gates, suitable for multiple weather conditions, are designed with stationary rollers which help support the tail of the gate (also known as the counterbalance section). The extended opening of the gate is cantilevered. Our cantilever gates in Fargo (which come in the series Citadel, Allure, and Bastion) excel for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.


  1. Openings – America’s Gate Company designs and manufactures gates that exceed openings greater than one hundred feet.
  2. Height – Virtually endless gate height possibilities.
  3. Weight –  The weights of most chain link, estate and ornamental slide gate weights are within the engineered designs. Custom ornamental gates with unique sheet steel designs and heavy adornments pose a challenge. To solve this, we engineer each gate’s structural design and truss system relative to the added weight.
  4. Infill – Slide gates design is similar relative to supporting the gate through the opening. What makes each gate in Fargo unique is the infill. Chain link, vertical pickets, welded wire mesh, plasma cut sheet steel designs. No matter the type of fence you need, we can create it according to your needs and specifications.
  5. Engineering – Once you’ve selected openings, infills and heights, the gate design is engineered to support the cantilevered slide or swing gate. We believe in “wheel-free” gates, meaning the gate is supported — and relies on — hinge points or rollers only. Wheels are not placed on the nose of the gate to support the weight.
  6. Finish – Each gate receives a pre-coated treatment ranging from chemical to sand blasted. Finish coating ranges from powder coating to HVLP painting. All coating processes come with a 20 year limited warranty.
  7. Material composition – Materials used here at the top gate company in Fargo are fabricated from aluminum alloy extrusions. This provides light weight and durability.


We’re committed to providing the topmost quality when it comes to residential, commercial and industrial cantilever slide and swing gates. As part of this mission, we work out of a 50,000 square foot facility fully equipped with mock installation sites. This means large gates with structural challenges are field tested prior to delivery, so you can rest assured you’ll receive a gate that has been carefully checked. We also employ a rigorous quality control program for fabricating gates in Fargo. This program includes pre-qualified weld procedures in accordance with AWS D1.1 & D1.2. We also use a pre and post check process that ensures every dimension is verified against cut materials.

The staff here at America’s Gate Company includes G6 all position certified welders. Our 55+ years in the industry and 10 convenient locations across the Midwest means, we’ve become one of the nation’s most trusted resources for gates in Fargo and the continental U.S. Chain link gates for construction sites, decorative residential gates, commercial slide gates, we can handle it all. We also invite you to check out our website for downloadable specs and CAD files, View our online gallery for gate examples and more information about them. Still have questions? Contact us or employ our convenient online form to request a FREE quote.